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David Sutton

Interactive Design and User Experience

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Hired via Comforce as UI Design specialist at Xerox in Webster, NY in the Experience Design Group. I worked to shape the user experience across the product’s web and mobile interfaces as well as the product’s onboard touchscreen UI.


I was involved in every stage from wireframes and storyboards, building and user-testing prototypes at various levels of fidelity, and eventually overseeing the implementation and development of the features in the product itself. I was also responsible for all design and functional documentation of my products including style guides and layout guides, user experience standards, and keeping everything current and consistent across platforms in a rapidly-changing large-scale development environment with shifting priorities and timelines.

Design and Functionality

Promotional video showing the interactive design of the product:

If you’ve watched the UI exploration video above, you can see why they needed a designer that has experience with Mobile UX. We decided to utilize the existing design language of mobile devices to create a functional touch-screen interface. This allowed us to use an existing vocabulary of interactions and design cues to create a more intuitive system.

Market Reception of Products

The product received a lot of positive attention in the industry because of it’s clean modern look and usability.

LUMA Certification

While at Xerox I was certified in the Luma Institute’s program on practices for Innovation in Human-Centered Design. I progressed all the way through the advanced HCD courses, gaining certification as an instructor and facilitator of Luma’s courses and putting their techniques into practice in cross-departmental teams.

Topics include: