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David Sutton

Interactive Design and User Experience

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Disclaimer: Please understand that this is not an exhaustive list of all my work, it’s a taste of what I do to give you a feel for who I am. In order to comply with non-disclosure agreements, I do not make available much of the visuals I have done (epecially Xerox and Apple) unless express permission is given.

This portfolio is being totally re-done and redesigned with case studies, visual design samples, and more written content about the work. Please pardon the dust (external links, etc.) as it’s all being temporarily dumped onto this page while I build the new portfolio.

Xerox UI/UX and Product Design Work

I was brought on as the UI Design specialist at Xerox in Webster, NY in the Experience Design Group for the new generation of mobile-like interfaces. I work mostly in the design and development of UI for touchscreen devices. Integrating iterative user-centered design principles into product design and information architecture design.


Interactive Game Show Experience

My experience in Game Design, UX and Product Design helped us design a truly unique gaming experience for Mirror Show Managment. The physical design consisted of three touch screen kiosks that registered players and their game pieces via RFID technology, allowing up to 3 parties to compete in a Monopoly-inspired board game with an industry-specific twist. The game board and scores were displayed on six foot by six foot LED/LCD displays in the center of the booth, allowing players and spectators to see the impact of everyone’s game play choices in real time.


Interaction Design Projects

During my time at Rochester Institute of Technology, my concentrations were related to Interaction Design an Web Design/Development. Since there wasn’t a formal school for Interaction Design, a lot of the work was driven independent study and by one-on-one work with professors.


Trello Job App

As an exercise, I designed a UI and mapped out a few behaviors for a fictional piece of software. The goal was to use a pre-existing brand, and show how their design team might approach an online resume-importing tool within their established style. It needs to be something that can preserve the design of the resume, yet still import all the relevant information into text for the employer’s system.

The existing brand style I used for the exercise is If you’re familiar with Trello, you can definitely notice this has their style all over it.

EXTERNAL LINK (This is temporarily hosted elsewhere.)

RIT Underground Mapping Project

While at Rochester Institute of Technology, I took on a big project of creating a more intuitive system for navigating the campus. The core of the idea was the underground tunnels that most students didn’t know anything about. There’s a full User-Centric approach being used here (and lots of documentation) showing how we might better meet the needs of the students and faculty.


Game Design Work

One of my biggest passions is designing systems for games. Check out this section to see some of my work, including a massive full-room electronic gaming experience made for an industry convention.