David Sutton

Interactive Design and User Experience

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I’m passionate about collaborative product development groups, user-centered design, development, innovation, and ethical design. Currently looking for a long term environment to make an impact by utilizing my unique background in human-centered UX design and software development. I want to find an opportunity to hone my skills further, while making intuitively-designed products to serve both user needs and business needs.

Founder and Organizer of Upstate UX, an organization for User Experience Professionals in Rochester to get together, share knowledge, attend conferences, do workshops and Q & A sessions, and mentor junior designers through our collaboration with local design schools. Through this organization, I’ve been able to lead many events including our recent symposium about Diversity and Inclusion in Design, and I recently presented as a guest speaker at RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, teaching students the concepts of UX/UI Design.


Rochester Institute of Technology

Human-Centered Computing (Information Technology) 2014 Concentrations:

Education focused on user interface design, user-centered iterative design practices, web development.

Founded and operated student organization based on practice and education in the areas of iterative prototype-driven testing and development processes in the field of game design. Upon graduation, this organization was handed off to RIT faculty and is now run as an important part of their game design school.

Recent Employment History

Freelance/Independent Web Design and Development

Freelance Web Design/Development and Educational Work

During college and between larger contract jobs, it’s been really valuable for me to freelance to keep building a steady stream of experience with varied technology in web design and development. By working with lots of very different clients, I encounter a lot of really interesting design challenges that I would never encounter in larger organizations.

Recent web work: cqc.network

More detail on recent web projects (Including iterations of this site)

Through my group Upstate UX, I’ve been leading symposiums, workshop events, and panel discussions; I was also recently was a guest speaker at RIT’s National Technical Institute for the Deaf, teaching Hearing Inpared students UX/UI Design concepts for mobile design.

Mirror Show Management

At Mirror Show, I work to create unique memorable experiences that companies use to represent themselves and their product at trade shows around the world. Since this is a smaller company, I’ve had the opportunity to “wear many hats” and find interesting ways to use my human-centered design principles to create and articulate our design direction. In this role I design experiences with interesting bleeding-edge technology and even create one-of-a-kind technology solutions for the needs of the our clients.

This role takes a leadership position in many important parts of the product development life-cycle: brainstorming/ideation, presenting design to stakeholders, clarifying direction and scope, documentation, recruitment and management of development teams working in an agile environment, ensuring on-schedule delivery by hitting target dates, providing transparency for all stakeholders with regular releases, updates and testing, re-iteration and deployment of product, and gathering metrics along the way that can help us on our next release.


Hired via Comforce as UI Design specialist at Xerox in Webster, NY in the Experience Design Group. I worked to shape the user experience across the product’s web and mobile interfaces as well as the product’s onboard touchscreen UI. While there I was certified in Luma’s “Innovation Through Human-Centered Design” program to lead many valuable processes (such as persona development, user research, and ideation and brainstorming processes for stakeholders) to translate strategy, business requirements and usability best practices into best-in-class digital experiences. I was responsible for all design and functional documentation of my products including style guides and layout guides, user experience standards, and keeping everything current and consistent across platforms in a rapidly-changing development environment.


Hired via Infosys Ltd. to be a UI/UX consultant at Apple Inc. in Cupertino, California. I was responsible for the design and development of several new product UI, with a focus on rapid prototyping and web applications development. Primary focus in front-end development and design, as well as technical product management.

Other Experience

Upstate User Experience Group

I founded UpstateUX.com for designers, developers, and students to learn, teach, and collaborate in the Rochester area. We do workshops, conferences, networking events, Q & A discussions, professional development training and general community outreach. My goal is to see this group of amazing design professionals scale beyond the limits of what I can accomplish out-of-pocket.

Crashtest Games

Founded Crashtest Games, a very active design community at Rochester Institute of Technology. This is a resource to connect creators and users in a supportive and constructive social environment. The primary focus is encouraging proper iterative design processes via user-testing of products/games. Multiple weekly gatherings for different focuses of the group, as well as many yearly and bi-yearly events.

Luma Institute’s “Innovation through Human-Centered Design“

Trained in the Luma Institute’s program on practices for innovation in human-centered design. Progressed all the way through the advanced HCD courses, gaining certification as an instructor and facilitator of the Luma’s courses and putting their techniques into practice in cross-departmental teams.

Topics include: Leading a Culture of Innovation, Brainstorming, Problem Framing, Rapid Iteration and Product Testing, Prototyping, Ethnographic Research, User-testing and Interpretation.