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RIT Underground Mapping Project

Documentation from Researching on-campus needs

Pardon the Google doc, I’ll work on migrating this document to the new format, until then I’ll keep the Google doc public.

In this document, I researched various reported issues by RIT students, including library resources being bottlenecked unnecessarily, and a lackluster mapping system for the campus. My group ended up deciding to move forward in laying out solutions to the map systems, but at the time this was written, we hadn’t decided which issue would be the more productive option to pursue.

Outline for user-polling

In this document, I explain out methodology for polling students for information that might help us create a solution to the current weaknesses in RIT’s mapping system.

Usability survey for RIT map app

This link brings you to the actual google form that was used to poll students.

This is the online poll given out to RIT students to gauge need and interest in a new application to help navigation across the large campus. We planned to use this feedback from students to create a solution for students.

Features and content of new Mapping Application

Once we had fully committed to addressing the mapping issue, we discussed further features that could be added to the application. Feature creep was becoming a major concern, but much of this document is a direct result of my one-on-one discussion with our very excited professor that had all sorts of new technology he thought would fit perfectly in our project. As a result, our simple mapping application now has augmented reality and social features, as well as customized suggestions based on their class schedule and lots of GPS features similar to Waze.