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David Sutton

Interactive Design and User Experience

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“Maximum Impact” Interactive Board Game Experience

After winning Exhibitor Magazine’s 2017 Sizzle Award for our interactive booth at the annual ExhibitorLive, the premier Conference for Trade Show and Corporate Event Marketing, my group (Mirror Show Management) wanted to up the ante in 2018 with a fully interactive multiplayer game-show-in-a-booth. My experience in Game Design, UX and Product Design helped us great a truly unique gaming experience.

Read the “Maximum Impact” Teaser sent out to attendees.

Video of the interactive screens being tested.

In addition to working on the overall design of the game and the interactive experience, I also managed the contracted development team all the way through the project to ensure the highest quality (and on-schedule) end product. The physical design consisted of three touch screen kiosks that registered players and their game pieces via RFID technology, allowing up to 3 parties to compete in a Monopoly-inspired board game with a marketing twist. The game board and scores were displayed on six foot by six foot LED/LCD displays in the center of the booth, allowing players and spectators to see the impact of everyone’s game play choices in real time.

From behind a pedistal (with touchscreen control and RFID components) the user can see both their screen and the giant game board on the wall (three vertical flatscreens).

Development work on this product was contracted through Workinman Interactive:

From Workinman:

“Our Events Team was able to put together the custom technology, build a fun and flashy game, and test it the whole system throughly in a matter of weeks.” says Workinman Producer/Project Manager Matt Conheady. “The marketing pros at MSM gave is solid content and direction and we ran with it, adding in a lot of flashy design elements and effect to make it stand out.”

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This is the design of the overall booth, with the game being contained in the frosted glass enclosure.