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David Sutton

Interactive Design and User Experience

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Interaction Design

During my time at Rochester Institute of Technology, my concentrations were related to Interaction Design an Web Design/Development. Since there wasn’t a formal school for Interaction Design, a lot of the work was driven independent study and by one-on-one work with professors.

This contains documentation and design from many different platforms, some of which are not just on this site. There are links to an older website, and even some google docs. This page will be revised and redesigned soon in order to be more streamlined and visually cohesive.

Description of Interaction Design Program

This is a description of areas of study involved in a course designed for my IT concentration Interactive Design at Rochester Institute of Technology.

Iterative Design Documentation

In a section of my Interactive Design HCI concentration, I wrote about how to streamline a process for user-centric iterative design that focused on quickly moving from user testing to design revisions. This is the first half of that report. My original hypothesis was that I would create a tiny easy to run project, and let future revisions be completely dictated by what could be learned from user-testing. This requires very fast prototyping and streamlined testing. The specifics of the exact project used as a proof-of-concept are in another document.